Project / YIT Lithuania office
Year / Plot  2020 / 2000 sq. m
Location / Sqveras, Kaunas
Authors / Lina Bakienė and Paulina Eitavičiūtė


While creating it‘s office, „YIT Lietuva“ pursued to be in the epicentre of the city life, but to feel it‘s rhythm in a closed, functional, subtle yet minimalistic place. The interwar architectural buildings, which surround the „Sqveras“ business centre dictated the style of interior ant it‘s restraint. We left the experiments and extravagance for the start-ups. Classics, serenity and the light prevail here. While small rooms and corridors don‘t let in much sunlight, clear glass and light decor make you feel as at-home. The permanence and solidness symbolizing color palette merges into a seamless harmony in office spaces. White walls, glass partitions, soft gray carpets and light bleached wooden tables in the cabinets, meanwhile in the centre – rich blue accents and solid smoky wood trim, monolithic walls. The most important thing here is the emotion. The softness of the carpet when passing through it by feet, the rough surface of the monolith when hand crosses the wall, the wood retaining it‘s fine texturefills with life.