Project / Soboras apartment
Year / 2023
Plot / 100 sq. m
Location / Kaunas
Authors / Lina Bakienė and Paulina Eitavičiūtė

In Laisvės Alley, right in the heart of Kaunas, the goal of the 100-square-meter interior designed by MILD Studio was to create a space that captivates people.

Interior designers Lina Bakienė and Paulina Eitavičiūtė had the extraordinary opportunity to work with a young family that lives in Africa and only visits Lithuania on special occasions. Therefore, the main desire of the clients was to have a cozy space that would enchant their friends and relatives.

This fulfilled family wish is evident when you visit the interior, where the areas that invite spending time together, such as the kitchen and living room, are combined and are dominated by African color themes. Three main accents in this space are the rounded wooden table, the cast acrylic stone kitchen island, and the wrap-around sofa. Rounded corners are a recurring feature throughout the apartment, not only in the furniture but also in the floor joints, where natural walnut parquet seamlessly merges with tiles.